What is the best way to plan and schedule your sales team?

Getting the most out of sales team is essential for the company playing on saturated markets. Your human resources can be turned into competitive advantage with proper planning and scheduling. Before starting sales team planning and optimization process you must determine the outcome you want to achieve. For example, it can be sales representatives’ maximum performance level and KPI achievement. Then you need to identify where you are and what you need. You might want to check your team, establish mutual information flow and balance sales territories. Finally, you should know that there is no common fits-all solution as every company has unique needs, features and market position. So how to plan and schedule your sales team in the best way?

Geovision Group provides tailor made solutions for the largest brands in the industry about sales team management to obtain, evaluate and convert the information from sales automation systems into meaningful business models. This service enables companies to analyze the workflow and procedures, identify team potential, plan sales routes and visits, keep up to date customer database and do trend analysis of changes on the sales territory. We also provide solutions to the core sales management problems such as following: product sales matching customer demand, instant information flow, relevant sales KPIs, seasonal changes and more. With our product and service solutions you can achieve long-term improvement of your current sales and distribution operation, embrace your customer relationships and build an effective penetration system.

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