What is sales team management?

It’s crucial to define and pursue the KPI’s at the sales team management for the most profitable and fastest business operation. Sales representatives’ KPIs should be determined before each period and also should be monitored, updated and reported continuously. In the beginning of each new period, the necessary improvements in the performance of the sales team and their new targets should be determined in the evaluation of the previous period.

It’s another important point to plan and balance sales territories as well as sales team KPI’s. Sales territories should be planned at the optimum level according to lots of different factors such as working hours, turnovers and costs. Thus it’s possible to achieve the most effective and efficient sales territories. It’s crucial to balance the sales representatives numbers and frequencies for an efficient and profitable company.

Geovision Group meets all these needs of companies for an active, effective and profitable sales management thanks to its consultancy services on point of sale monitoring, field research and sales team management.

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