What is sales and distribution optimization?

In order to deliver your company’s operations to the most efficient level, the first step is to analyze the sales and distribution strategy and organize these operations in the optimum way. For sales and distribution optimization, several important factors are examined in detail such as monitoring sales visits, planning sales team and territories, determining the correct service level at the point of sale, analyzing distribution models, planning orders in accordance with point of sale requirements.

Thanks to Geovision Group’s sales and distribution optimization solutions, brands’ products and services can be delivered to customers in the expected quality of service and at the lowest cost. Some of these solutions are as follows:

  • Customer database analysis
  • Route strategy
  • Product channel matrix
  • Segmentation methodolgy
  • Analysis of software programs
  • Determining potential points of sale
  • Distribution and categorization of the points of sale
  • Analysis of dynamic distribution work flow and procedures
  • Determining service level according to point of sale categorization and customer expectations
  • Analyzing and monitoring route compliance
  • Analyzing and monitoring sales visits

As a result of all these considerations and regulations, sales and distribution operations of the companies will be planned at the optimum level to provide increase in optimization, efficiency and profitability. For all its partner brands, Geovision Group provides savings of 30% in plasiyer, 20% in kilometers, 30% in vehicles, 15% in time capacities, and 30% in team and hardware within a period shorter than 6 months.

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