What is route?

The first step in order to deliver the most efficient level of your company’s operations is the analysis and optimization of your sales strategy.  There are several important factors that should be analyzed and managed within the optimization process such as monitoring sales visits, planning sales team and territories, determining the correct service level at the point of sale, planning orders in line with the needs and priorities of sales points etc.

In order to create a route culture in your company, you should plan sales representatives and territories in the most effective and balanced way. Geovision Group ensures that your sales team visits all points in their plan, completes their visits within the time given and makes their route with an optimum distance.

It is also important to compare and monitor the sales KPI’s and the execution. It should be measured regularly and instantly that what proportion of the sales team can adapt to the planned routes and how can they perform the goals. One of the most important factors while planning this optimization is the analysis of the service level and duration at the point of sale. After the point of sale segmentation, optimum service level for these points should be identified and route plans should be formed according to many factors such as demands, sales, inventories and ordering systems of customers.

Monitoring more than 15.000 sales representatives continuously all around the region, we’re helping FMCG companies to establish dynamic route management culture. Thanks to our dynamic route management and optimization approach, we ensure to protect the compliance between the route plans and actual results for our brands.

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