What is route planning and how to make it?

In order to have a route culture in your company, you should plan your sales representatives and territories within the most effective and balanced way. Geovision Group allows you to organize your sales team to visit all the planned points, not to have duplicate points in their routes and to minimize the total distance of their route.

It’s also important to compare and monitor the planned and realized visits. It should be analyzed regularly at what rate the sales team can comply with the route plans and can realize their KPIs. One of the most important factors for route planning is analyzing the correct time and motion at the point of sale. After the point of sale segmentation, the correct time and motion analyze should be completed for each point according to their demands, sales, stocks, order systems etc. and the route plans should be formed.

Monitoring more than 15.000 sales representatives continuously all around the region, Geovision Group helps brands to establish dynamic route management culture. Thanks to this dynamic route management and optimization approach, it’s possible to protect the compliance between the route plans and actual results for brands.

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