What is distribution team management?

The dynamic distribution planning and optimization is to create the shortest or least-cost route between a certain number of points passing only once from each.

Poorly planned and unbalanced distribution may increase the operational costs too much. The distribution activities must be organized regularly according to changing circumstances at least possible cost.

There are several important subjects in distribution team and operation management such as:

  • Improving customer satisfaction with qualified distribution
  • Completing distribution in the most profitable way and within the time required to reach the customer
  • Making distribution organization independent from the distributors
  • Delivering products to customers in the shortest possible route with the most profitable way

Geovision Group defines the proper service level for each customer by analyzing dispatch workflow and procedures.

Order based dimension and restriction planning is one of the other important issues for distribution team management. Working with one of the biggest global beverage brands since 2010, we manage to plan daily sales and distribution operations in one of the most complex markets. As a result of the brand’s success in Turkey, we’ve expanded our operation to 11 countries achieving 30% optimization in overall sales and distribution operation.

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