What is Database Management?

As a result of the fast development of communication technologies, all information began to be transferred to the computers. Most of this information is incorrect, incomplete or consists of information that is not needed for daily business life. However, it has brought capacity problems in order to store all the information.

All these developments have revealed the database management that is a new approach to data storage and use. Database management begins with the creation of the database, continues with updating, using and protecting.  Having the most extensive and up to date point of sales database in Turkey, Geovision Group provides users a consistent and live information that they can access at any time.

For instance, product information such as price and inventory level is very important for the sales, distribution, order and inventory systems. The customer database is also essential in terms of segmentation and point of sale monitoring. If the database is not up to date or contains any duplicate or missing information, companies may suffer great losses.

Thanks to Geovision Group’s database management system, faster sales and distribution processes, more extensive research capabilities and more accurate point of sale data are provided. Also an integrated structure was created for transferring necessary information to other systems and receiving information from other systems.

We collect information annually from more than 1,000,000 points of sale and transforming them to the meaningful business models by processing in the database, so that global brands’ operations can be measured and assessed effectively. As a result of effective and continuous database updates and measurement processes, we provide a 20% increase in sales, with improvements in brand availability and shelf share points of sale.

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