What are the types of availability researches?

One of the most important issues for an efficient sales and distribution operation is to see your points of sale from the your consumers’ eye and to monitor that if your consumers get their demands and services correctly or not. Thanks to availability researches, you can deliver the right products at the right points of sale in the right frequency and allow them to be properly arranged. So you can provide your customers to find the products they’re looking for at their preferred points of sale. As a result, you can obtain a competitive advantage by increasing your sales and profitability.

Within the scope of availability researches, you can obtain reports and data on many different subjects such as merchandising strategies based on the relationship between point and product, consumption habits, analysis of factors affecting overall satisfaction, awareness-usage and expectation-performance analysis, shelf share, usage of merchandising materials, impact of promotions on sales etc. It is very important that all of these analysis should be made not only for your products but from a general perspective for your competitors’ activities based on categories and products. So you can evaluate your points of sale in detail and determine your positioning and strategy in this direction.

As a result of Geovision Group’s availability researches carried out in conjunction with an expert team, you can convert the below data you have acquired to the significant business models and can have the most efficient level of company operations:

  • Point of sale service and appearance standardization
  • Increase in sales representatives’ performance
  • Increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Right investment and point of sale analysis
  • Market dynamics definition
  • Strategy definition for product, price, promotion, positioning, packaging, distribution according to consumer habits
  • Increase in sales and market share


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