What are the advantages of route management?

Monitoring more than 50.000 delivery routes continuously, Geovision Group helps companies working in various fields to establish route management culture. Thanks to our dynamic route management and optimization approach, we ensure to protect the compliance between the route plans and actual results for our strategic partners. Route management implementation should be considered as a competitive advantage of your company.

Lack of route planning might be the biggest reason of customer discontent and as a consequence the loss of profit in long run. As a first step, you should evaluate your current sales points. The sooner you can start capturing accurate operational data, the better. This raw data is vital, as it can be further converted into the database. After you know your points’ needs and features, you can construct your sales and distribution routes. Modern routing goes beyond the scope of the path from point A to point B, but involves all the aspects of your company’s operation from capacity to customer service. Since the whole routing process changed rapidly, it now faces challenges and provides the solutions for the key business planning issues such as following:

  • Improved real-time workflow control
  • Deep understanding of employees’ commitment and easy KPI measurement
  • Instant information flow for operational management
  • Cost savings
  • Productivity increasing
  • Company’s flexibility and easy adaptation for seasonal changes
  • Providing big data for defining company’s strategy

Geovision Technology, one of Geovision Group companies, offers route and territory planning ready-to-use software that integrates with other systems and datasets of your company. We use map components, develop software algorithms and produce outputs with rich contents. As a result of this software usage, you’ll be able to improve your company’s route culture with the increase in optimization and efficiency.

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