Vision Tracker for Sales Team Management

Geovision Group provides a combination of all the services in need of brands under one roof. With the inclusion of R&D Center and software development team to these services, Geovision Technology was founded to offer professional software services within Geovision Group companies. Geovision Technology, provides solutions for the leading brands in the industry by using its own geographical information systems, optimization and database management software infrastructure.

If you would like to monitor instantly your sales team or to get their explanations for additional visits besides the routes, our Vision Tracker software is the best solution for you! Thanks to this software developed by Geovision Technology, we provide you more reliable reports and results by comparing the GPS data from both vehicles and hand terminals of your sales teams.

Vision Tracker software is designed to provide you support on many issues regarding the sales team management. Some of those are;

  • Tracking sales teams and territories according to many factors such as kilometer, number of point of sale, turnover and order etc.,
  • Reporting all routes according to the visit times, durations and order status,
  • Real time monitoring of planned and realized distribution routes and analyzing route optimization needs,
  • Analyzing the KPI’s and targets of sales teams,
  • Pursuing additional visits besides the planned routes,
  • Panel for sales team explanations for additional visits besides the routes,
  • Reporting visit details of all routes based on the points.
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