Vision Pulse: Sales Management Solutions

Geovision Group, the meeting point of technology and consultancy, established Geovision Technology to provide professional software services by using its own geographical information systems, optimization and database management software infrastructure.

Geovision Technology provides you the solution you need for your sales management! Thanks to Vision Pulse, you can verify the points on the database and organizing them instantly. Also, you’ll have offline information flow from the field in case of disconnection and use data in cross-platform.

Some other advantages of Vision Pulse are:

  • Receiving customer data with dynamic survey forms ,
  • Concurrent transfer of information to database via cloud platform,
  • Map based point of sale choosing and planning,
  • Web portal that provides communication between sales representatives and sales points,
  • Web based business solutions for executives,
  • Advanced data collection and database management via mobile platform,
  • Monthly reporting system based on all breakdowns such as countries, areas, sales, representatives etc.,
  • Route monitoring and compliance via GPS monitoring system feature.
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