Usage of Geographical Information Systems in Sales Management

By collaborating with Geovision Group, that provides sales, distribution and marketing solutions for the leading brands in the industry by using its own geographic information systems and software infrastructure since 2005, you can have an additional space to enlarge your current point of sale database in a very short time. Thanks to this additional space, you can evaluate the potential points and opportunities that do not exist on your database. By this way, you can have an extensive distribution and reach the maximum level of sales and profitability.

The additional space that Geovision Group provides does not consist of raw data. With the analysis and segmentation of the database in the additional space, the points are determined to be included in the most suitable routes. These points are included into the current workload optimally. Thus, the real efficiency and sales growth is achieved.

Within our point of sale database management consultancy, we will work with you to define and plan the most suitable strategies to significantly increase your customer database in a short period.

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