The Synergy of Sales Team Will Make You Gain!

If you want to have concurrent monitoring of sales representatives’ visits and route plans, we’re providing you the most appropriate solution: Woozzy Check-In! Thanks to this application developed by Geovision Technology, one of Geovision Group companies,   the field information can be reported, analyzed and synchronize via business intelligence methods.

The most important feature of our Woozzy Check-In application, preferred by many global brands, is to create interaction and synergy instead of controlling the sales team within the human resources processes. Thanks to this application, sales teams feel that their work contributes to the company rather than being supervised by the management. With this application that we established a clear system of mutual information flow and interaction, we convert the field information into the meaningful business models with positives comments.

Via using Woozzy Check-In application, your sales representatives and supervisors can;

  • List points of sale on map based on their categories,
  • Check-in, update information and identify new location on the points,
  • Make optimization and synchronization of sales and distribution points,
  • Dynamically update point of sale database,
  • Use concurrent notifications for field team and executives
  • Have potential point of sale within the additional space.
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