The objections of information pollution for companies

The most important subject for preventing the information pollution is to analyze active and passive points of sales on a regular basis and to ensure that the database is always kept current.

Thanks to sales automation systems, manual systems used in writing were moved to a digital environment. Unfortunately, this system modification does not prevent the workflow and database errors. At this point, we still have a quite large data pollution and disorder in our life.

Geovision Group consulting the largest brands in the industry about point of sale database management to evaluate and convert the information obtained through sales automation systems into the business models. This service enables companies to analyze the workflow and procedures, to identify potential selling points, to plan the optimum distribution and classification of points of sale, to keep up to date customer database by identifying active and passive points of sale, to do trend analysis of changes in the points of sale.

With the simplified reports gathered under one roof, Geovision Group allows the brands to develop business plans and to optimize business models. Using our state of the art web based and mobile reporting platforms, we help companies converting their complex and boring business reports into simple and effective actions. As a result, we managed to eliminate 70% of unnecessary reporting traffic  and increase daily utilization of sales and operation reports.

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