What are the benefits of sales team management software?

Whether is your company’s strategy aimed at cutting costs with the same quality by maintaining or increasing sales and service level, you might have been thinking about sales optimization. Geovision Technology sales team management software offers extensive benefits for the organization and helps you to reach competitive and profit goals.

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4 Challenges of Success at Sales

In order to reach your company’s operations to the most efficient level, a detailed and accurate analysis of all steps is required. As a result of this analysis, the overall situation of the operation will be evaluated for determining the actions to be taken and the arrangements to be made. In addition to these evaluations, […]

Reach accurate and up to date point of sale database

One of the most difficult subjects in the sales and distribution area is to have a reliable and current point of sale database. The point of sale database must be constantly updated, new points should be added, passive points should be removed and evaluation of the points should be made on a regular basis. During this process, Geovision Group provides a combination of all the solutions in need of brands under one roof to optimize the database management.

After your sales team visits and product distribution, you must follow up the Must SKU list, the shelf share and the feedbacks from your customers. Periodic monitoring and reporting of sales trends in this points of sales is one of the most important issues for companies that want to expand their market share, especially in the FMCG sector.

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