The Most Effective Business Reporting Program: Vision Power

Founded by the R&D investments within Geovision Group companies, Geovision Technology provides solutions for the leading brands in the industry by using its own geographical information systems, optimization and database management software infrastructure.

With Vision Power software developed by Geovision Technology, you can analyze your potential points of sale and competitors, also your products’ availability on shelf.

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Qualified Segmentation with Advanced Analysis Methods

In order to reach your company’s operations to the most qualified level, firstly, the customer database analysis should be made and the status of existing outlets should be evaluated. As a result of this assessment, the current status of the points of sales must be determined, potential points of sales should be integrated into the database as an additional space and segmentation should be done by using appropriate methodologies.

You can ask yourself why should I invest in customer segmentation since I already have consistent and continuous sales at all my point of sale database. But customer segmentation would be helpful for you to take important decisions about your business operations. You can;

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