Sales Team Scheduling for The Most Profitable Business Operations

You want to track you team’s sales results and minimize the strike rate, but sales team scheduling process is complicated and time-consuming. You understand the exact activities of your team and the whole sales procedure, but the number of the sales points is variable and the schedule is updated and changed during the day. Under these conditions you seek for the schedule optimization system meeting your company’s requirements.

Vision Scheduler, developed by Geovision Technology, is a cutting-edge sales team route planning software for flexible visit points and schedules.  Our product has a number of advantages for the employees such as dynamic information updating, recommending visits for sales representatives, clear and reachable KPI maintenance, real time call center support and user-friendly visit confirmation panel.  A well-managed sales team shows an increased motivation and higher loyalty to the employer. On the other hand, Vision Scheduler enables sales management to track and double-check the team, create new actions instantly, explore potential territories and sales points, access the detailed reporting of all visits based on hierarchy, customer and schedule.  Having a powerful planning tool like this, you can drill down your business-strategy into realized plans.

The primary task for any company is to satisfy the customer, and for this reason you want to provide a high service level. Our sales team scheduling software is easily synchronized with any CRM-system. Embrace your customer relationships and bring your operations to the highest level with Vision Scheduler software.

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