How To Prevent Database Fraud?

One of the most difficult subjects in the sales and distribution area is to have a reliable and current point of sale database. The point of sale database must be constantly updated, new points should be added, passive points should be removed and evaluation of the points should be made on a regular basis. During this process, Geovision Group provides a combination of all the solutions in need of brands under one roof to optimize the database management.

With the Master Database Management of Geovision Group, it’s possible to prevent database fraud actions such as opening and closing or classifying fake points of sale with the aim of showing higher numerical penetration.

Another important subject in the point of sale database management is to analyze active and passive points of sales on a regular basis and to ensure that the database is always kept current. For a current point of sale database, you need to use a system according to your sales team’s point of sale visits and reports. Thus, your point of sale database will be updated and coordinated.

Thanks to its field audit team, Geovision Group provides you the technology based reports that can be converted to meaningful business models, by collecting all the information you need from your point of sale database. Thus, you would have the opportunity to compare and evaluate your sales team’s data with a confirmatory source.

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