How can you make your company’s active/passive distribution of points of sales?

To make your company’s active / passive distribution of point of sale database, first of all you should have your complete current outlets database. Once this database is built, the total sales at whole points of sales, the sales of competitors and the market trends should be analyzed.

Evaluating a point of sale only with your product sales results can bring you a wrong assessment and may be dangerous for your business plans. While your sales have a low level at one point of sale, the products of a different brand in the same category can have quite high sales. There are lots of different factors causing this situation such as the shelf share, the availability of the cooler, point of sale promotion and merchandising materials.

Geovision Group, with its field team of over 250 employees, searches for the answers to these questions at all your point of sale database. As a result, provides you meaningful reports of active/passive distribution in which you can change your business model.

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