How can you enable your company to achieve the correct and up to date point of sale data?

The information collected from the points of sales with quick reporting via one-to-one visits and appropriate technology, is crucial in terms of continuously increase in sales.

After your sales team visits and product distribution, you must follow up the Must SKU list, the shelf share and the feedbacks from your customers. Periodic monitoring and reporting of sales trends in this points of sales is one of the most important issues for companies that want to expand their market share, especially in the FMCG sector.

Geovision Group’s field team frequently monitors the appropriate samples of your point of sale database to provide you the information you want to achieve, by making multiple visits if necessary. As a result of this information and reports, you can collect a lot of data such as the shelf share or the must SKU list. And thanks to this information and guidance, you can take the right business decisions to optimize your sales and distribution operations.

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