How can you bring your company’s operations to the most efficient level?

In order to reach your company’s operations to the most efficient level, a detailed and accurate analysis of all steps is required. As a result of this analysis, the overall situation of the operation will be evaluated for determining the actions to be taken and the arrangements to be made.

Firstly, the customer database analysis should be made and the status of existing outlets should be evaluated. As a result of this assessment, the current status of the points of sales must be determined, potential points of sales should be integrated into the database as an additional space and segmentation should be done by using appropriate methodologies. The next step is to consider the distribution and route strategy for optimization. In consequence, the most effective sales and distribution organization will be established and the ROI evaluation, that will calculated according to income and expense analysis, will be presented to you.

In addition to these evaluations, sales representatives’ point of sale visits should be analyzed in terms of quality and time, the optimum rules for point of sale visits (time and motion analysis etc.) should be identified. The most important point here is to clearly define and continuously follow up the objectives and KPIs for sales team.

Thanks to Geovision Group’s consultancy service, your company will be able to achieve 20% increase in optimization and efficiency, 30% increase in sales.

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