Geovision Group Provides R&D Solutions for FMCG Industry

FMCG and retail industries are the ones that Geovision Group provides solutions for long years and experienced in depth. FMCG is one of the sectors most in need for our solutions because “speed” and “accurate data” are essential for this sector.

In the FMCG industry, wide variety of products are distributed to the market and driven very quickly, market conditions rapidly changing and the impact of competition is really high. Geovision Group’s current products that have already developed are used by leading brands in the world. Our goal is continuing to develop products which will be a sustainable solution to the needs and problems of the brands.

Geovision Group developed and will continue to develop dynamic products for rapidly changing needs of the industry for the following purposes:

  • To fill the gap between FMCG manufacturers and traditional and modern retailers, also making access to customer easier than ever,
  • Giving results for instant and periodic data imaging, analysis, optimization and forecasting with connected sensors/devices and data transfer via the cloud within the scope of Internet of Everything concept,
  • Converting data to meaningful reports for producers, increasing sales figures of the business with sales and distribution recommendations,
  • Creating a new competitive environment for merchants and manufacturers with the integration data and environmental variables,
  • Reducing costs by finding solutions for collecting data on sales of businesses, data analysis and marketing etc.
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