Creating a Sales Team

For the most profitable and fastest business operation, it’s crucial to define and pursue the KPI’s at the sales team management. Sales representatives’ KPIs should be determined before each period and also should be monitored, updated and reported continuously. In the beginning of each new period, the necessary improvements in the performance of the sales team and their new targets should be determined in the evaluation of the previous period. Geovision Group fulfills all these requirements for an active, effective and profitable sales management by consulting its strategic partners on point of sale monitoring, field research and sales team management.

In addition to these evaluations, sales representatives’ point of sale visits should be analyzed in terms of quality and time, the optimum rules for point of sale visits (time and motion analysis etc.) should be identified. The most important point here is to clearly define and continuously follow up the objectives and KPIs for the sales team.

We have created a system that is constantly up to date with dynamic route optimization approach for the leading global brand of ice cream where the operation is very seasonal. By optimizing daily operations of more than 700 sales representatives and more than 600 distribution vehicles, we’ve provided  30% savings in distribution and 20% savings in sales operation costs.

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