How can you determine customer profiles for your products?

What is the compliance level between your consumers and your points of sales? To evaluate your product availability at the right points of sales, you should first identify your customer profiles and their preferred points of sales.

The most effective and efficient way to determine the customer is the surveys conducted at the points of sales. For this research, first the questionnaire design will be prepared in line with your business needs. The surveys will be performed on the data you need in the required scope and sampling. After completing the surveys, meaningful reports will be presented according to these results.  As a result, you will be able to identify your customer profiles and the right points of sales.

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How can you determine the correct time and motion service at the point of sale?

One of the most difficult subjects in monitoring and evaluating your sales team’s performance is the correct time and motion service at the point of sale. While your sales representative is spending 15 minutes for a sales visit, your competitors’ sales representative may complete a similar product sale in 5 minutes.

To determine the correct time and motion service at the point of sale, first you need to analyze the whole point of sale database. Each point of sale has different dynamics, sales scales and stock movements. In this regard, it’s a quite variable process to receive orders for the same products from different points of sales. In accordance with the analysis of point of sale database, you should define all details such as the needs of each point, the appropriate time intervals for orders and the inventory capacities. The territory and route planning of sales team should be done based on this process.

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How is it possible to reach increase in efficiency and sales?

To achieve increase and efficiency in sales, all the company operations should be examined from a broader perspective and an optimization process with all the business units’ synchronization must be provided. A change management is required for the increase and efficiency in sales.

First of all, the sales and distribution team management should be at the optimum and most profitable level for your company. In order to arrange this operation, you should have a detailed analysis of existing models. As a result of these analysis, the sales and distribution optimization for the most profitable and fast operation will be provided. Thanks to this collaboration, the time and route planning of your sales and distribution teams will be raised to the optimum level, as well as customer satisfaction will be reached to the highest level via meeting their expectations in the best way.

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