Sales and Distribution Process

To achieve increase and efficiency in sales, all the company operations should be examined from a broader perspective and an optimization process with all the business units’ synchronization must be provided. A change management is required for the increase and efficiency in sales.

First of all, the sales and distribution team management should be at the optimum and most profitable level for your company. In order to arrange this operation, you should have a detailed analysis of existing models. As a result of this analysis, the sales and distribution optimization for the most profitable and fast operation will be provided. Thanks to this collaboration, the time and route planning of your sales and distribution teams will be raised to the optimum level, as well as customer satisfaction will be reached to the highest level via meeting their expectations in the best way.

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Sales and Distribution Channels in Marketing

One of the most difficult subjects in the sales and distribution area is to have a reliable and current point of sale database. The point of sales and distribution database must be constantly updated, new points should be added, passive points should be removed and evaluation of the points should be made on a regular basis. During this process, Geovision Group provides a combination of all the solutions in need of brands under one roof to optimize the database management.

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Vision Dispatch for Distribution Team Management

Geovision Technology established within Geovision Group companies, provide a combination of all the services in need of your business under one roof with its experienced software development team. Our mobile and web software systems with native and cross platform technologies are used in many industries such as FMCG, Retail, Construction, Finance, Health and more.

If you would like to have a real time monitoring of your distribution team, Vision Dispatch software of Geovision Technology meets your needs!

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