How to plan the best routes?

The world of sales and distribution has drastically changed in recent years. To keep up, you need a route planning and optimization solution. With whole new reality of digitization scheduling the team and vehicles goes beyond the paper work it used to be. More companies switch to the new route software tools to gain competitive advantages and meet dynamically changing customer demands.

Geovision Group provides innovative route planning software. Working together with our strategic partners we don’t change the way business done but review the whole process to understand there can be improvements.  The existing routes will be upgraded to satisfy the following conditions:

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How to achieve successful route optimization?

The time is money, and this axiom is especially relevant in highly competitive markets. FMCG- companies play on the saturated market with low consumer switching costs. In the pursuit of customer’s satisfaction big brands provide better service level and try to meet the demand in the most profitable way. For this purpose, sales-related service has to be thought-out and budgeted smartly time-wise. This brings us to the route optimization issues. The current route planning system might not consider all company’s operations and here route planning applications come in.

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What are the advantages of route management?

Monitoring more than 50.000 delivery routes continuously, Geovision Group helps companies working in various fields to establish route management culture. Thanks to our dynamic route management and optimization approach, we ensure to protect the compliance between the route plans and actual results for our strategic partners. Route management implementation should be considered as a competitive advantage of your company.

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