How to plan the best routes?

The world of sales and distribution has drastically changed in recent years. To keep up, you need a route planning and optimization solution. With whole new reality of digitization scheduling the team and vehicles goes beyond the paper work it used to be. More companies switch to the new route software tools to gain competitive advantages and meet dynamically changing customer demands.

Geovision Group provides innovative route planning software. Working together with our strategic partners we don’t change the way business done but review the whole process to understand there can be improvements.  The existing routes will be upgraded to satisfy the following conditions:

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The Advantages of Using Sales and Distribution Software

Having a tailor made and innovative sales and distribution system can bring your company’s operations to the highest level. By using sales optimization software you can have a new look at the workflows and take the step towards increased visibility and reporting accuracy as well as improved management. Whatever stage is your business now, using sales and distribution optimization software has a number of benefits. Find out what can be improved with Geovision Group’s software solutions.

Talking about the advantages of technical solutions over the hand work we often think about eliminating unsuccessful visit reasons. Indeed, optimization implementation leads to errors reduction, but in addition, it significantly reduces the costs. Well-tailored software allows you to coordinate your staff, make your employees more productive and as a result you can have the most appropriate sales and distribution organization.

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What is the best way to plan and schedule your sales team?

Getting the most out of sales team is essential for the company playing on saturated markets. Your human resources can be turned into competitive advantage with proper planning and scheduling. Before starting sales team planning and optimization process you must determine the outcome you want to achieve. For example, it can be sales representatives’ maximum performance level and KPI achievement. Then you need to identify where you are and what you need. You might want to check your team, establish mutual information flow and balance sales territories. Finally, you should know that there is no common fits-all solution as every company has unique needs, features and market position. So how to plan and schedule your sales team in the best way?

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