Productive Usage of Sales Automation Systems

Sales automation systems began to be used in an active manner in the FMCG industry in recent years. With this modification, it’s accelerated and became widespread to collect point based sales data. If that’s so, how should you use and evaluate the data received from the sales automation systems?

Thanks to sales automation systems, manual systems used in writing were moved to a digital environment. Unfortunately, this system modification does not prevent the workflow and database errors. At this point, we still have a quite large data pollution and disorder in our life.

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Is Additional Space Really Necessary?

You want to enlarge the existing point of sale database of your company by adding the potential outlets. A pure additional space consists of the points that sales representatives know but it only brings additional data pollution and confusion without the right strategy. It should not be forgotten that the profitability and effectiveness are important as the growth of the operation.

The additional space that Geovision Group provides does not consist of raw data. With the analysis and segmentation of the database in the additional space, the points are determined to be included in the most suitable routes. These points are included into the current workload optimally. Thus, the real efficiency and sales growth is achieved.

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The Importance of The Point of Sale Monitoring

One of the biggest problems faced by companies operating in the FMCG sector is the difficulty of monitoring the points of sale. Point of sale monitoring and research activities require very detailed and considerable amount of work and time. Besides the point of sale monitoring, the measurement and assessment of the defined KPIs for sales team has a very important role for the company’s operations.

The research and reporting of the product availability, competitors’’ existence, shelf share and advertising materials at the point of sale have an important role on the future decisions of the company. Geovision Group provides increase in optimization and efficiency for its strategic partners by developing many solutions such as must SKU list monitoring, control of the product price and quality, control of the visible product inventory, meeting the special needs based on the point of sale.

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