Creating a Sales Team

For the most profitable and fastest business operation, it’s crucial to define and pursue the KPI’s at the sales team management. Sales representatives’ KPIs should be determined before each period and also should be monitored, updated and reported continuously. In the beginning of each new period, the necessary improvements in the performance of the sales team and their new targets should be determined in the evaluation of the previous period. Geovision Group fulfills all these requirements for an active, effective and profitable sales management by consulting its strategic partners on point of sale monitoring, field research and sales team management.

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Why you should use sales optimization software?

Combining multiple data sources and all the information on one platform, sales optimization software is acknowledged to be a powerful tool for your business needs. Whatever industry your company operates in, you may consider optimization software products as a reasonable buy-in. Here are the core reasons why your sales should be optimized by using sales optimization software solutions.

First of all, sales optimization software provides you instant data from your field sales team. Improved information flow within your sales department ensures that clear and complete information is forwarded to the right address at the right time. By getting this information you will understand your sales team’s challenges and needs, increase their loyalty and see the improvable parts of your company’s operation. With easy-to-use sales software your sales representatives are more likely to deliver customer requests and provide accurate data from the outlets. Thus, you’ll embrace your customer relationships by strengthening internal information flow.

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Sales Team Scheduling for The Most Profitable Business Operations

You want to track you team’s sales results and minimize the strike rate, but sales team scheduling process is complicated and time-consuming. You understand the exact activities of your team and the whole sales procedure, but the number of the sales points is variable and the schedule is updated and changed during the day. Under these conditions you seek for the schedule optimization system meeting your company’s requirements.

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