A New Era of Product Monitoring: Snap Vision

As well as all over the world, in our country, especially for the retail and FMCG industry IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are being developed rapidly.

With the inclusion of R&D Center, Geovision Technology was founded within Geovision Group companies and provides solutions for the leading brands in the industry by using its own geographical information systems, optimization and database management software infrastructure.

Geovision Technology has developed Snap Vision project in the scope of R&D studies. Thanks to our new project developed on the basis of pattern recognition, you can have instant access to more effective and up to date data such as product availability, price, facing and SKU distribution on the shelfs.

Thanks to this software that gives you any information you need about your products with its image recognition feature, you can have time-saving for routine sales visits and use your sales team in a more effective way.

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