Sales Team Scheduling for The Most Profitable Business Operations

You want to track you team’s sales results and minimize the strike rate, but sales team scheduling process is complicated and time-consuming. You understand the exact activities of your team and the whole sales procedure, but the number of the sales points is variable and the schedule is updated and changed during the day. Under these conditions you seek for the schedule optimization system meeting your company’s requirements.

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How to plan the best routes?

The world of sales and distribution has drastically changed in recent years. To keep up, you need a route planning and optimization solution. With whole new reality of digitization scheduling the team and vehicles goes beyond the paper work it used to be. More companies switch to the new route software tools to gain competitive advantages and meet dynamically changing customer demands.

Geovision Group provides innovative route planning software. Working together with our strategic partners we don’t change the way business done but review the whole process to understand there can be improvements.  The existing routes will be upgraded to satisfy the following conditions:

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