8 Features of a Typical Sales Organization

The existing sales and distribution operations of your company continue as planned. However you want to catch and evaluate the opportunities beyond the business plans. By this way, you may increase the targeted and expected profitability for this period with the sales and distribution optimization. But how? Thanks to its know-how on sales, distribution and […]

6 Realities of Today’s B2B Sales

By collaborating with Geovision Group, that provides sales, distribution and marketing solutions for the leading brands in the industry by using its own geographic information systems and software infrastructure since 2005, you can have an additional space to enlarge your current point of sale database in a very short time. Thanks to this additional space, […]

4 Key Benefits of Big Data

Geovision Group, containing millions of data within its constitution, continues to collect hundreds of thousands or even millions instant data thanks to IoT Technologies. It’s important to interpret and convert to meaningful business decisions this correct, various and large volumes of instant data (Big Data).