Geovision Group Provides R&D Solutions for FMCG Industry

FMCG and retail industries are the ones that Geovision Group provides solutions for long years and experienced in depth. FMCG is one of the sectors most in need for our solutions because “speed” and “accurate data” are essential for this sector.

In the FMCG industry, wide variety of products are distributed to the market and driven very quickly, market conditions rapidly changing and the impact of competition is really high. Geovision Group’s current products that have already developed are used by leading brands in the world. Our goal is continuing to develop products which will be a sustainable solution to the needs and problems of the brands.

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R&D Investments from Geovision Group

As well as all over the world, in our country, especially for the retail and FMCG industry IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are being developed rapidly. Geovision Group, containing millions of data within its constitution, continues to collect hundreds of thousands or even millions instant data thanks to IoT Technologies. It’s important to interpret and convert to meaningful business decisions this correct, various and large volumes of instant data (Big Data).

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What is Database Management?

As a result of the fast development of communication technologies, all information began to be transferred to the computers. Most of this information is incorrect, incomplete or consists of information that is not needed for daily business life. However, it has brought capacity problems in order to store all the information.

All these developments have revealed the database management that is a new approach to data storage and use. Database management begins with the creation of the database, continues with updating, using and protecting.  Having the most extensive and up to date point of sales database in Turkey, Geovision Group provides users a consistent and live information that they can access at any time.

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