Are You Ready To Explore Your Potential?

We are monitoring more than 1.000.000 points of sale, more than 50.000 distribution routes, more than 15.000 sales representatives to create the optimum sales and distribution operation for you. As a result, we provide 40% increase in optimization and efficiency with a 50% increase in sales and profitability.

What Are The Advantages of Customer Segmentation?

You need to manage your company’s point of sale database in the exact way. The first question we’ll ask you is “How are you making your customer segmentation?” You don’t need to worry if you haven’t done any studies on this subject yet or if your positioning is not up to date. Geovision Group will be your strategic partner to achieve optimization and profitability by giving consultancy on customer segmentation to your company with its expert team.

You can ask yourself why should I invest in customer segmentation since I already have consistent and continuous sales at all my point of sale database.  But how can you follow the potential point of sales and opportunities for your company? How can you classify your current point of sale database? How can you identify your active and passive point of sales? How can you ensure that your products are existing at the right points of sale with a right density and in line with your market share to meet your exact customer profile?

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How Can You Evaluate The Operational and Strategic Opportunities For Your Company?

The existing sales and distribution operations of your company continue as planned. However you want to catch and evaluate the opportunities beyond the business plans. By this way, you may increase the targeted and expected profitability for this period with the sales and distribution optimization. But how?

First of all, you must start by analyzing your current customer database. What is your current customer space level? What is the range of your customer database compared to competitors? Can you integrate additional space to your database? Are there any passive selling points that you need to remove from your customer database? You can find answers to all these questions via Geovision Group’s consultancy and system development service with an objective assessment. At the result of this project, your company’s entire customer database will be analyzed in detail, active and passive assessment will be made and the arrangements to convey to the optimum level will be realized.

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